How Did The Exercise Saddle Price Drop By A Third?

May 14, 2017

Currency, the medium of exchange, provides you with the best saddle solution in exchange for value of money. Exquisitely 21st Century tack made in Great British is readily accessible for a window of buying opportunity. A WOW race exercise saddle that is designed to strengthen strides and strengthen backs is available to you for demo trial. […]

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Horses are Transport on Earth

July 22, 2016

Starting off, my business was to help horses. Then it came over me that it was because that would empower riders. By increasing horses ability with massage it turned into something of a lovely long learning curve to plasma scalar theory of Nikola Tesla and his proteges, for me. I formulated this notion that the […]

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Fracture Lameness in Horse

April 28, 2015

Like a dog who’s jaw involuntarily locks when it gets ahold of something, I wanted my racehorse’s back to be strong. Especially after retiring him from the track. His last race was at Pimlico and it was a December day. A Merry Christmas was sorely lacking in 2004 at my home. Already keenly involved in […]

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Racing Horses

March 19, 2015

Racing in terms of human sport endeavors is an extreme sport, a daredevil sport. This was much to my disillusion when I raced Crimson ‘N Gold. It was 20 years since opening my therapy business for horses, pioneering in the field of equine massage. I needed certainty about what differences were made with specific applications […]

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